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Antiques and Collectibles: Things You Should Know Before Buying or Selling

Buying and selling of antiques and collectibles is not like every other business out there. These items are unique and their values are not always affected by the economic trend or the stock market....

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How to decide the best estate sale or auction services

If you ever needed to sell your collectibles, perhaps because you're moving from one home to another or due to some other reason, estate sales and auction services are the most obvious options. Prop...

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4 reasons why you should “love” antique auctions as a young professional

Antique auctions are steadily gaining more popularity. They remain arguably the best avenue to buy or sell precious collectibles at the best prices. Win-win situations aren't exactly popular when it comes to selling...

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Tips to Follow While Buying or Selling Your American Art

Artwork is an important part of every culture and American culture is no exception. There is a unique vibe to American artwork. It is present in the work of disparate, famous American artist from John Singer Sargent...

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Where to Sell Rare Antique Items and Get the Most for Them

Rare antiques can be worth a pretty penny and many make a small fortune from selling them. Unless you know where to sell them, you may lose out altogether. Here are some tips on how to sell your antique treasures.

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Need To Sell Your Old Silverware? Look Into Experienced And Trusted Antique Buyers

There is such beauty in a small price of a silver item that cannot be found items made from other similar metals. Be it its color or luster, this particular metal has been used for ages to make the most beautiful it...

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Thinking to sell Antique Jewelry? Here’s what you need to know!

Luck you, if you’ve inherited your ancestor’s antique jewelry as you have something which is rare and precious! But, do you remember the last time you wore it or regret about never wearing it at all? What’s the use of owing that knock-out heirloom...
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Local Antique Appraisers: How to Find a Reputable Antique Appraiser near Me?

If you have an antique, it is always important to know its value. Whether you want to sell or keep an antique or collectible, knowing the exact value is important for insurance and other purposes. Experience...

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Which Antiques offer the best e-value and can be sold online?

Tiffany, Handel lamps usually comprise of small boudoir lamps & other generic mosaic lamps with artwork painted in their shades. Handel lamps are renowned & noted for their reverse painted s...

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Antique Paintings from Inimitable Painters through the ages

Art in-itself is as wide as the oceans and there are countless paintings that imbibe the various styles that exist. However, herein we will address a few select painters and their unique paintings that have set a pr...

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