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Remarkable American Artworks and Their Inside Stories

American art appraisers & buyers know that American artworks often having intriguing and storied histories which can not only help sellers and buyers authenticate and set a valu...

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Silver Markings – The True Means To Determine Price Of A Precious Antique Silver Item

Antique Silver has its own value and you will be surprised to find out that it is much more than its real value on the market. Why? The reason behind this is the antiquity behind the item, which mea...

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Where Can I Sell American Furniture & Folk Art?

Are you looking to see some of your Antique American Furniture & Folk Art? Finding a great place to sell these items can be difficult because you want to make certain that whoever buys them will...

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What is the Difference Between Antique Appraisal and Valuation?

A fine antique can be seen as a thing of artistic beauty that will enhance the décor of a room.  It might represent history that you want to preserve.  It might be a family heirloom that has a great deal of sentimen...

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Antique Auctions: Know How the Auction Process Works

Antique auctions are the stuff of theatre and carry with them an air of luxury and wealth. We all have the image in mind of fine antiques and collectibles up on the auction block with fast-talking and smooth antique...

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What is the Best Way to Sell Old Silver Jewelry?

Whether your Aunt Agnes left you her old silver jewelry or you’ve been collecting antique silver and are ready to sell, you will want to get the most money for your return. There can be a huge difference in the pric...

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Tips to Follow While Buying or Selling Your American Art

Artwork is an important part of every culture and American culture is no exception. There is a unique vibe to American artwork. It is present in the work of disparate, famous American artist from John Singer Sargent...

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How to Sell Antiques: Tips from Expert “Antique Appraisers & Auctioneers”

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Where to Sell Rare Antique & Chinese Antique items get the most for them

It can be exciting to speculate on the value of a rare antique that has been passed down in your family for a long time. It might have a lot ...

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Antiques and Collectibles: Things You Should Know Before Buying or Selling

Buying and selling of antiques and collectibles is not like every other business out there. These items are unique and their values are not always affected by the economic trend or the stock market....

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