Antique Paintings from Inimitable Painters through the ages

Art in-itself is as wide as the oceans and there are countless paintings that imbibe the various styles that exist. However, herein we will address a few select painters and their unique paintings that have set a precedence through the ages and deserve the right to be called antiques.

Paul Sample

An American artist who studied architecture and later, drawing and painting, Paul Starrett Sample is acclaimed for his works depicting the life in rural New England in the twentieth century & his illustrations of New England landscapes, naval activities during the Second World War, murals, and portraits are considered works-of-art. With his art, Paul Sample found a medium via which he could portray the importance of the relationship between the land and its people, thus blending Social Realism and Regionalism. By alternating his style to express his commitment to his audience, Sample succeeded to attract numerous admirers for his art, including corporate, federal, and state commissions. Some of the most prominent styles he applied include compositional style (lateral framing, plunging perspective, and rhythmic groupings) and his triangular organization (elements in the foreground, distant landscape in the background of the center with a high line of the horizon, and strong vertical accents to the center).

Emile Gruppe

Acclaimed for the role he played in establishing The Gloucester School of Painting and his books on painting (Brushwork, Gruppe on Color, and Gruppe on Painting), Emile Albert Gruppe was an American painter who depicted New England’s autumnal and wintry landscapes, the maritime port scenes, as well as sailing ships in his works. Although he is most renowned for his impressionistic landscapes and portraits, Emile Gruppe’s greatest painting are those of fishing boats docked at Gloucester and Rockport, and his Rockport village scenes. Today, his paintings are among the most sought after pieces and can range in value from $1,500 – $40,000.

A. Hibbard

Aldro Thompson Hibbard was an American painter noted to be among the most exquisite Rockport painters. A painter of mountains, oxen, rural towns, and snowy landscapes, Hibbard’s paintings outline the legacy of a period in America characterized by hardworking New Englanders living off the land. As one of the founders of the Rockport School style of painting, Hibbard influenced several artists like Emile Gruppe.

Antonio Jacobsen ship painting

With a lineage from Danish and American descent and from a long line of violin makers, Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen was an American maritime artist, a pioneer renowned for his portraits of sails, ships, and steam vessels. With over six thousand portraits to his name, Antonio Jacobsen’s ship paintings expressed the history of both international and local ships, and were designed per the requests of crew members, sea captains and the ships’ owners. His commitment to capture every detail easily dubbed him “the most prolific of marine artist.

Local Antique Painting Appraisers

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