Antique Buyers in Mamaroneck, CT

It is surprising but true that a lovely piece of antique can generate such a huge interest from people when displayed in exhibitions, museums or antique showrooms. There is a huge antique market worldwide and Interest in these items is ever on the rise.

If you happen to come across such an item and are seeking out antique buyers Mamaroneck to sell it, call Antique Appraisers Auctioneers, the best antique buyers in Mamaroneck, right away for a quick and accurate evaluation. We are trusted antique appraisers Mamaroneck and we will tell exactly what the item is worth, how much it will fetch when sold, its qualities and special features, based on which you can proceed to sell or keep the item.

Where to Sell Antiques Online in Mamaroneck?

Antique Appraisers Auctioneers is the most trusted local antique appraisers Mamaroneck as we have been in the antique dealing business over 40 years. We have come across so many different types of antique and can tell the history of an item by just looking at it. If you have been searching where can I sell antique in Mamaroneck, contact our staff and show the piece that you want evaluating?

We will check many parameters such as age, condition, material used in manufacturing etc and then put a price on the item. As a leading estate appraisers Mamaroneck, we will inform immediately if the item is fake or real and will give the best price on it.

Best Places that Buy Antiques in Mamaroneck

We are the best place to sell antiques in Mamaroneck as we deal in various types of antiques ranging from Chinese, Ming Porcelains, Jades, Buddha Bronzes, Art and Textiles and many more. It does not matter if you doubt if a particular old item is an antique or not else if its condition is a bit poor… show it to us and get an evaluation done quickly. Many people come to us just to know if an item lying with them for decades is worth any value, but after an evaluation from us, they find out it is worth thousands of dollar and get a huge cash amount on sale.

We are trusted antique appraisers and auctioneers in Mamaroneck. Call Us On +(603) 675 2549 or Email to fix an appointment.

We are antiques & collectibles dealers in Mamaroneck, NY Area. We buy Chinese Antique, Ming Porcelains, Jades, Buddha Bronzes, Art & Textiles, Estate Jewelry and more.