What is American Art? What You Need to Know About Buying Native-American Art

native american art

American Art Buyers Define Art

American Art is typically refers to art that comes from the North American colonies and the United States from a variety of art methods such as paintings like the ever-popular realistic landscape and portrait pieces from the era.

The term can be used more loosely, however, to include art from all of America such as North and South America. The definition is generally left up to American Art Buyers and art institutions that display the art. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has redefined their interpretation for Colonial-related art as North American Colonial Art but includes all of early American art when speaking of American Art. Many American Art Buyers limit American Art to correlate with Colonial art only.

Some American Art Buyers also consider modern art made in America to be American Art. It seems that the compass of what American Art entails is often left up to the buyer or beholder.

Native American Art Buyers Guide

Native American Art is also referred to as American Indian art or the visual art of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas. It is the collection of art from American Indians and includes a wide scope of mediums such as pottery, paintings, and so forth. Native American Art buyers focus on art from Native Americans versus art from Europeans who lived in the colonies.

native american art

There is much to be learned through Native American Art about the indigenous people because unlike those who lived in the colonies during the times, they did not write about their history in the same manner as the Europeans. Instead, they left artifacts that contains pieces of their lives and culture.

Native American Art typically refers to antique pieces dating back centuries but can also embrace modern art that is done by Native Americans. The definition is defined by the individual Native American Art buyers.

American Art Collectors vs. Native American Art Buyers

American Art collectors are traditionally know as those who are interested in American Art from the colonial times but, can also include any type of art created in America from any age, such as Native American Art and modern art as well since Native Americans lived (and still live) in America just as art from modern Americans.

If you are looking to sell your American Art, it is best to check with individual American Art Buyers to find out for sure what their interpretation of the term is. If you have an Indian Art piece, you’ll want to first check with Native American Art buyers because you are more likely to find buyers who specialize in American Indian Art. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell early American art, you’d probably not do well selling to a Native American Art buyer. Knowing the channel to go through is imperative to maximize your return.

Sorting it All Out

While it can be confusing determining which type of buyer deals in a particular type and time period of art, knowing a little more about the terms used in the art world is extremely helpful. You are much more likely to sell your art for more when you go to the appropriate buyer to sell it so it is worth taking a little time to do your homework and brush up on what American Art entails versus what American Indian Art includes.