Modern Art Buyers & Appraisers

Collecting modern art can be a fun hobby and some of you might be looking to buy OR sell modern art pieces. Either way, modern art can be pricey, and you always want to make certain what you’re dealing-with is legitimate modern art. Before you purchase or sell a piece of modern art, give us a call OR send us an email at that contains a photograph & detailed description of the item you would like to sell. We’ll provide an expert appraisal that will tell you exactly what the piece is worth, and if you’re ready to sell, we can help you with that too by buying the Modern Art at the best prices. We’ve been in the appraisals business for more than 40 years.

How Do We Buy Antique & Modern Art at The Best Price?

Dealing with 20th century modern art isn’t the same as collecting or dealing in antique art. Many people don’t question the cost of antique artwork. This is especially true if it has a famous name attached to it. People know that a Van Gogh is going to cost a good amount of money. However, even if they don’t like the painting, they may still purchase it based on the name of the artist. With modern art, that’s not always the case. Many people outside of the art world don’t know who the most popular modern artists are. They base their decision on what artwork to purchase based on the price and what it looks like. 20th century art collectors are, in some ways, more discerning because of this. We value every piece based on many factors to find the artwork’s true market value and we also buy art at best prices OR place them in our auctions for our clientele of collectors and connoisseurs to bid on for the more exclusive pieces.

Modern Art Has Great Value in The Right Hands

Because it’s not antique, some people mistakenly believe that 20th century modern art has no value. Quite the opposite, some modern art is very valuable and pieces by the top artists can bring more than some antique art in poor condition. It all depends on the piece, the artist and its condition. Some people will pay a handsome amount for certain artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, or Henri Matisse. An appraisal can help determine the right value of an art work, it is important to contact a reputed Modern Art Buyer & Appraiser near you before you sell Modern Art in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire & New England Area.

Best Places to Buy & Sell Modern Art Online in Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire & New England Area

We have been in this field for 40 years, and have built our name as one of the best. We can buy your modern art at the best prices. We can also add your piece to one of our auctions for 20th century and modern art designs and have the piece get a greater exposure through our clientele of collectors who buy pieces they might find interesting.


Selling your art collection is much the same, you want to be able to offer guarantees to any potential buyer that they’re buying authentic modern art. The best way to do this is to work with us at William Smith having over 40 years of experience in this field of Purchasing and Appraising Modern Art. If you want to sell Modern Art at the best prices, we can find interested buyers for your pieces, put them up for sale in one of our auctions, and make it easy for you sell at the best price for your pieces. We handle estates, probate, and family dispersals. If you simply want to sell your collection, we’re interested in buying.

We are the reliable Modern Art Buyers & Antique Appraisers in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire & New England Area. If you are looking to sell your Modern Art and the options to liquidating it. Contact us today for more information.