Where to Sell Rare Antique Items and Get the Most for Them

Rare antiques can be worth a pretty penny and many make a small fortune from selling them. Unless you know where to sell them, you may lose out altogether. Here are some tips on how to sell your antique treasures.

Know Your Stuff

The more you know about your rare antique item, the better.


Places to Sell Antiques


Local antique dealers are experts at buying and selling vintage items. They know how to spot and appreciate rare antique items and are generally willing to pay a fair price for them. Plus, you will be doing business face-to-face which eliminates some risks posed when you cannot see your buyer.

Be sure to deal with only reputable antique dealers though. Don’t be afraid to thoroughly check each one out. Find out how long they’ve been in business. Get local feedback. See if they have an online presence and if there are any verifiable reviews from past customers. Ask for credentials. A reputable local antique dealer will be delighted to share their accomplishments and references while shady ones will try to make you feel guilty for asking them for information. Remember, the goods are yours and you have every right to ask.

Sell Your Rare Item Online

When it comes to selling your rare antique online, you have several ways you can go. One is through an online antique buyer. Online buyers are often able to give you the price you want immediately. It’s a quick process because that is what they do – they buy antiques. Do be certain to check the credentials of the online buying site. Read their reviews and see how long they’ve been around. It’s very easy to get taken when doing business online.

You can sell your rare antique on your own online too. To do so, you can go through a platform, like Craigslist, Ebay, or Etsy. There are many more online selling spots too. Simply run a search and then read the requirements of each. Again, be sure you check for credentials and reputation.

When selling rare antiques on a platform, go over the details of their requirements. Some charge a listing fee. Most charge a selling fee too. Then you’ll need to consider shipping cost. Who pays that? If it’s you, you will want to price your item accordingly. Going over the details with a fine tooth comb will help prevent an unpleasant surprise when your items sells.

Where to Sell Chinese Antiques

Where to Sell Chinese Antiques

If you are looking for where to sell Chinese antiques, Chinese antique buyers are typically the best to go to. They are familiar with Chinese antiques, even the rare ones while an antique buyer who isn’t up-to-date on Chinese antiques might not realize the full value of your piece or pieces. You will always come out better going to an expert in the line that you are selling.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are good places to sell rare antiques if the setting is right and if you have multiple items. Some flea markets are geared for people who want something for nothing, basically. Avoid those as you’ll never get a fair price for your valuable, rare antiques.

Flea markets require planning. Along with being sure the type of consumer you want will be shopping at the location, you’ll need to take a table and chair and all your wares. Consider the look and feel of your booth. Make sure it is neat and welcoming and that your spot doesn’t look bare. Check the weather and dress accordingly. Don’t forget to bring business cards if you will be selling more. Looking professional is priceless because you’ll want to build trust and project stability. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks. If you feel you’ll be overwhelmed with business or setting your booth up, bring help. Get there early so you can be well-prepared. Stay late and rub shoulders with other vendors. You can learn a lot from the seasoned experts.

No matter how or where you sell your rare antiques, the ball is in your court when you follow the advice and suggestions above. Remember, it’s your items and…your show!