What is the Best Way to Sell Old Silver Jewelry?

Whether your Aunt Agnes left you her old silver jewelry or you’ve been collecting antique silver and are ready to sell, you will want to get the most money for your return. There can be a huge difference in the price you’ll get for it so it’s wise to research the best place to sell antiques in order to find the best gold silver buyers. The more you know, the better you’ll come out.

Best Place to Sell Silver Near Me

Best Way to Sell Old Silver


One of the most ideal methods to find the best gold silver buyers is to check local listings. From the phone book to conducting a search online for “places that buy silver near me”, working with local dealers has many benefits.

Once you find listings, sift through them to find the best estate jewelry buyers in your vicinity. Check out the site. See how long they have been at their location. Read the reviews both on their site and on third party sites that are not partial to the business. Ask fellow collectors in your area what gold silver buyers they recommend.

After you have narrowed the list of “places that buy silver near me”, contact the individual buyers. Set up a time to take your antique gold or silver in for an appraisal. It’s a good idea to get more than one offer to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Doing business local is considered to be the safest approach if the dealer is established in the area. In-person transactions are not near as risky as doing business over the internet where shady characters often flock to. You will also have the recourse of reporting any fraudulent activity to local authorities if any arises.

Pawn shops, antique trade fairs, antique gold silver buyers with brick-and-mortar stores, coin shops, and consignment shops are all examples of where you can find local dealers. Do thoroughly investigate any buyers you intend to do business with though. Not all dealers are trustworthy just because they are local.

Best Gold Silver Dealers Online

If you have come up empty-handed for local silver dealers, you can always find buyers online. Some of the best places to sell antiques like silver and gold jewelry can be found on the internet. You will need to be very cautious, however.

Search for best places to sell antique jewelry. Sift through the results to find the ones you are most interested in. Check to see how long they have had an online presence. Read the reviews on their site and other sites. 

When you have a few dealers you are interested in, make contact. If you are not answered promptly or are not treated courteously, move on. How you are treated initially is a great determiner of how you’ll be treated in the long run.

Best estate jewelry buyers are an excellent option. Dealers that focus on antiques are ideal because they are familiar with the price of old jewelry, not just jewelry in general.

Trustworthy Gold Silver Buyers

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