Chinese Antiques Expert- Find the Value of Your Chinese Antiques

Chinese Antiques Expert

It can be exciting to speculate on the value of something that has been passed down in your family for a longtime. It might have a lot of sentimental value because you associate it with beloved grandparents or because your family take a lot of pride in a particular vase, statue, or other piece of artwork. It becomes part of the fabric of your family, but it actually valuable? That will probably be a question that you ask regardless of whether you actually feel sentimental value for a particular Chinese bronze Buddha that has been handed down in your family or not.

You might find what appears to be a valuable Chinese antique in a shop or being offered by someone selling Chinese antiques online. No sentimental value there but it might be a piece of art or furniture that catches your eye and you really want to buy it. What is a fair price? Whether you are buying or selling an antique you need to know.

Chinese Antiques Expert

In this article we will explore where to find Chinese art appraisals and how to find the value of your Chinese antiques.

#1. What Makes Your Antique Valuable?

Let’s start with a bit of basic information that anyone should know when they are considering selling or buying Chinese antiques. There are a variety of factors that go into determining the value of a particular piece. These factors include age, the condition that it is in, what materials were used in creating it, and the intricacy of detail in the piece. Some pieces are also simply more rare than other pieces and, as such, are more valuable. Estimating the value of a Chinese antique is a complex and nuanced process that requires specialized knowledge. It isn’t always obvious how valuable a piece is simply by looking at it. For example, the age of a Chinese porcelain piece can be determined by the colors used in its creation. Does the piece seem to have a lot of signs aging that indicate it is particularly old and valuable? Guess what? Excessive of signs of aging can actually be a sign that it is a forgery. Also, here is something that might surprise you, some forgeries are actually quite valuable! The value of your Chinese antique is complicated question to answer.

#2. Use an Expert for Chinese Art Appraisals.

The bottom line is that, whether you are planning on selling Chinese antiques online or you are at an antique shop and spot a piece that you just have to have, it is a good idea to look for Asian antique appraisers who can help you feel confident about the true value of the piece. A well-trained expert has detailed knowledge of Chinese history and artwork that allows them to accurately determine the origins, age, and value of your antiques. They also understand the market and the legal details involved in selling one valuable piece or a whole collection. Chinese antique buyers rightfully rely on expert Chinese art appraisals in order to determine if they are paying the right price.

#3. Use the Internet to Find Asian Antique Appraisers.

The internet is a valuable tool to use in your search for Asian antique appraisers. It can almost be too valuable. You will get a lot of results. Some are top-tier, such a Sotheby’s auction house. Premier auction houses like Sotheby’s are pretty much guaranteed to have experts in Chinese art who can accurately appraise your Chinese antiques. Smaller auction houses might or might not have such and expert. It is always a good idea to know the background of the appraiser before you have them look at your antique. Ask about their education, their degrees, any training they received at auction houses and appraisal companies, and where they have worked. Be sure that they specialize in Asian and Chinese artwork and antiques. Compare the prices the charge for appraisals and for auctioning or selling your piece with what other appraisers charge. Once you have done your homework, you can be confident that they will do theirs when you have them appraise the value of Chinese antiques.

#4. Other Resources for Chinese Art Appraisals.

While it is crucial to consult an expert on the value of your Chinese antiques, there are other resources that can help you. There are books available at your local library, at bookstores, and on Amazon that provide comprehensive price lists for Chinese antiques. There are also a variety of websites that will help you research the value of your piece. Thanks to the internet it is easier than ever to find out the true value of your Chinese antiques.