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Antique Appraiser Auctioneers is the leading antique buyers in Norwalk. We have high expertise in buying and selling antiques. Collecting such items, no matter what the price is a passion and we strive to uphold their value by giving utmost attention to their condition and performing periodic maintenance on them. In case we have to sell the item, it goes only to a buyer who has equally that much interest in keeping them properly.

Antique Appraiser Auctioneers - Top Antique Appraiser Norwalk

If you have an antique that has been in your great grandfather’s closet for years, do not throw it away as a scrap. It is vital to approach us as we are expert Local Antique Appraisers Norwalk who shows avid interest in the object and is sure to keep it in good condition. Here is a look at the key benefits of opting to sell to Antique Appraiser Auctioneers – reputed antique buyers Norwalk:

  • Precise evaluation of all your antiques by experts in the field
  • Can tell if the item is shown is an original or fake
  • Will be able to give good price on the item, even of its condition is little worn out
  • Will take back an antique, polish and maintain it such that its condition is maintained
  • Can give accurate information on the item so that you know it’s worth and returns gained

Antique Appraiser Auctioneers is the best antique buyers Norwalk. We have been in the business of dealing in antiques for decades, hence we can do a quick and accurate evaluation when we come across any type of antique.

Antique items in the form of jewelry, paintings, Artifacts, Ming porcelains, Jades, Buddha Bronzes, Art And Textiles, Chinese and other similar things are in huge demand with collectors. Such collectors especially like to own those pieces which are artistically beautiful and hard to find. They are ready to pay a high price for them and also have the interest to maintain them properly. However, often such items are hard to come by and it is only when they are changed upon in a sale that they are found and collected. If you have such items and want to get good cash by selling them approach Antique Appraiser Auctioneers right away so that the desired amount can be gained.

Contact us we are expert local antique appraiser and auctioneer in Norwalk. Call Us On +(603) 675 2549 or Email to fix an appointment.

We are always interested in buying antiques & collectibles in Norwalk, CT I.e. Chinese, Paintings, Modern Art, Buddha bronzes, Ming porcelains, Art and Textiles Jades and many more.