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When you imagine Jade, your mind must conjure up carved intricately oriental sculptures of antique emerald green. For the past few years, Jade Jewelry has been in trend for its shiny & smooth bangles, earings and necklaces.

Jade is one of the oldest recognized gemstones with the amazing qualities of toughness, strength and ultimate charmer. It has been sculpt into almost everything from jewels to tools for thousands of years.

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Timeless Asian Jewelry- Jade Goes Beyond the Color of Green

In Early ages, Jade was considered as an supreme material for tools and weapons productions. As Jade has spectacular qualities of yielding different color and could be easily polished to bring out a brilliant glow, people began to carve jade into ornamental objects & gemstones. Jade being deeply integrated in several cultures including the Asian culture, Asians believe that the green jade is an offering worthy of ancestors and Gods due to its medicinal properties. Jade was considered possessing five distinct virtues:

  • Benevolence
  • Bravery
  • Clean and honest
  • Righteousness
  • Wisdom

It has been said in the early 3000 B.C. jade was revered as a “Royal gem” in China- much the same as diamonds & gold been valued in the Western countries. As per the Chinese feng shui practice, Jade possesses a light, nourishing, and sweet energy with a soothing purity. Jade was worshiped as the most appreciated gemstone used to make good luck charms, to attract friends, to protect and support loving hearts, or to create wealth.

What does Estate Jewelry mean & what makes it antique?

When you think about Estate vintage jewelry, it has to be in pristine quality and should be acquired from estates. Estate jewelry may either be antique (as old as or beyond a century old) or vintage (at least two decades old).

In conclusion, Estate Antique & Vintage Jewelry are ravishing pieces to wear for both night & day.

Fascinating examples of Vintage jewelry are:

Art Deco Era

Geometric, streamlined, stylized and symmetric, jewelry of the Art Deco Era depicts the modern age and often involved the use of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Art Nouveau Era

Although short lived, the Art Nouveau Era left its mark with its curving, dynamic, flowing, and rippling features. Today, they are one of the most sought-after vintage jewelry.

Victorian Era

Renowned for their sense of romance and sentimentality, Victorian era estate jewelry depict the life (youth, courtship, and marriage) of Queen Victoria, coupled with natural designs etched in gold. Estate jewelry of this era may include brooches and lockets. While gemstones were readily affordable in this dispensation, diamonds, gold, platinum, and silver became integral parts of the craftsmanship of the Victorian era.

Professional Antique Auctioneer at Antique Appraisers Auctioneers

Antique Auctioneering defines the sale of antique jewelry by skilled professional auctioneers. By taking bids and selling several items in an auction, professional antique auctioneers are equipped to ensure the smooth transfer of antique jewelry to new owners.

Typically, a catalogue listing the items for sale is made available to all attendees at the beginning of the auction. In addition to becoming a specialist in antique jewelry and a shrewd business person a professional antique auctioneer must be appreciative and knowledgeable about antique jewelry pieces, as well as be ready to examine them to evaluate their age, condition, origin and quality, confer with experts and historians, assure the authenticity and proof of ownership of each piece, as well as keep detailed records of all pieces.

Estate Jewelry Buyers in Connecticut, New York

Be it antique or vintage jewelry, for estate jewelry buyers, in addition to the attraction to the history of each piece of jewelry, there is the thrill of sharing its history. Also, possessing an estate jewelry is also a means of honoring the craftsmanship and talent of that era while being simultaneously transported to that time and place to share in the special moment when that piece of jewelry meant something special to its original owner.

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