What’s the Best Place to Sell Antiques in the New Hampshire Area?

When people think of New Hampshire, a few iconic things come to mind, rugged granite mountains, breathtaking fall foliage, charming New England towns, and antiquing. It is a popular pastime for tourists that come to the state. Driven by a large number of charming antique dealers in New Hampshire, there is a thriving market for antiques there. If you are looking for antique buyers in the New Hampshire area, you won’t have to look far. In this article, we will explore a few of the best places in the New Hampshire area to sell antiques.

best place to sell antiques

Consult the NHADA

The New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association (NHADA) is one of the largest antiques organizations around. It boasts close to 200 members, both in and out of the state. Every year they host the New Hampshire Antiques Show. Their website (www.nhada.org) has a comprehensive director of antique buyers in New Hampshire that you can search.

Some of the Best Antique Buyers in New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts of some of the best antique buyers around. Here are few of the antique shops you won’t want to miss when you look to sell your antiques:

Antiques on Elm, 321 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire. This charming shop is the repository of some hidden treasure. It is a group shop that is a collaboration of different collectors with a wonderful variety.

Robin’s Egg, 326 Nashua Street, Milford, New Hampshire. This shop is located in an historic colonial house and has an eclectic mix of antiques and vintage wares.

Bowerbird and Friends, 16 Depot Street, Peterborough, New Hampshire. This lovely shop is expertly and gorgeously decorated, and stocked with a wide range of items.

Concord Antique Gallery, 97 Storrs Street, Concord, New Hampshire. This is another group shop that draws on a number of collectors for an impressive variety of antique treasures.

The Purple Peacock at 49 Main Street, Littleton, New Hampshire. This wonderfully named shop is an inspired place that sells unique antique pieces and draws on the work of local artisans.
These are just a few of the great places you will find if you are in New Hampshire and google antique buyers near me.

Online Antique Buyers in New Hampshire Area

Of course, when you want to sell antiques in the New Hampshire area, you shouldn’t overlook your online options. There is no shortage of websites with antique dealers that operate in the New Hampshire area. Website like the large and well-stocked New Hampshire Antique Co-op (www.nhantiquecoop.com) provide an online place for antique buyers and sellers to meet and do business.

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