When it comes to selling antiques, the best advice comes from the antique experts. Seasoned antique buyers and sellers know how to sell antiques. Below you will find a priceless recommendations from the best of the best in the antique industry. Get to Know Antique Buyers As with any business, getting to know your customers… Continue reading How to Sell Antiques: Terrific Tips from Expert Antique Appraisers and Auctioneers

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When you imagine Jade, your mind must conjure up carved intricately oriental sculptures of antique emerald green. For the past few years, Jade Jewelry has been in trend for its shiny & smooth bangles, earings and necklaces. Jade is one of the oldest recognized gemstones with the amazing qualities of toughness, strength and ultimate charmer.… Continue reading One of a Kind, Vintage & Rare Asian Green Jade Collection at Antique Appraisers Auctioneers