Antiques Appraiser or Pawn Shops Near Me… Which is Better?

Antique buyers
A display of interesting, old fashioned items and trinkets in a pawn shop.

If you own valuable antiques, including jewelry and silver, you may be asking yourself how to sell them. Often antiques are handed down in families and those that inherit them aren’t sure what they are worth. We would like to believe that we have a rare and valuable piece that can bring in a lot of money, but is it really valuable? You might want to go online and search for pawn shops near me or antiques stores near me, but which is the best route to go when you want to sell? In this article, we discuss antique appraisers and pawn shops and help you determine who to contact.

Have an Appraisal Done First

An antique appraisal is done by an experienced appraiser. An appraiser will establish the value of your antique item. They will consider a number of factors when determining value. These factors include the condition of the item, whether it has been restored, whether it bears a manufacturer’s mark, the provenance, how rare it is, and (perhaps above all) how much demand there is for the item among antique buyers. Once you have an expert opinion on the value of your antique items you will be a good position to get the best price when you are selling. It is always smart to get an appraisal before selling. If you search for places who buy antiques near me, chances are that you can find an expert appraiser working there.

Pawn Shops and Your Antiques

Google pawn shops near me and you will likely get a lot of results. There are a lot of them and always a lot of demand from people looking to pawn their valuables for some fast cash. They will be high on the list when you look up places who buy antiques near me. Are they a good place to sell your jewelry and silver? The first thing to keep in mind is that you should know the value of your item before going into a pawn shop. Pawn shop owners usually have a good idea of the value of your items but they are not necessarily certified appraisers and you should be prepared haggle. Pawn shops will take your items and hang on to them for a certain period of time, giving you the opportunity buy your antique piece back. This is a big difference from other places that will appraise and buy your silver and antiques. If you want to get some immediate cash but have the option of buying your item back then pawn shops are your best option.

The disadvantage of searching for a pawn broker is that they might not specialize in your silver, jewelry or other antique item. Searching specifically, say for buyer of silver near me, is more likely to get you someone who is an expert in your item and can make a final sale for you.