Where Can I Sell My Antiques to Get the Best $ Dollar Value Both Online and Locally?

Sell antiques Near Me

It’s a question almost as old as the antiques themselves – where to sell antiques for the most profit. Whether you are a frequent antique seller or have been gifted your Great Aunt’s vintage jewelry collection, if you’re selling antiques, you’ll want to know where the best place is to do so.

Where to Sell Antiques

One of the most common ways of selling antiques is to visit a local antique store. To find a store, conduct an online search for “antique buyers near me” or “antique dealer near me”. You can check your local phone directory or look in classifieds in the newspaper if you have those things.

Sell antiques Near Me

Another option for selling antiques is to find a buyer online. Search for “where to sell antiques” and you’ll most likely be flooded with online buyers. Narrow your search down by sifting through to see what buyers stand out to you and go from there. You can also specifically go through one or more of the online platforms as outlined below.

Selling Antiques Online

If you’re searching for where to sell antiques online, you won’t have to look very far. While the art market as a whole was down considerably last year, the sales of antiques nearly doubled and thousands of those sales were conducted online.

Dealing directly with an antique buyer, individual or business, is a popular approach. Simply contact the buyer using the information you’ve pulled up online. Find out the steps to take such as sending a photo of your antique and go from there.

To sort out online antique buyers, do your homework. Make sure the buyer has a good length of time in business and that they have great feedback from prior customers (especially on third-part sites), and that they have a stable online presence.

There are platforms you can go onto in order to sale your wares such as a seller rather than simply looking for a buyer for your items. Craig’s List, Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy are good examples of places you can sell from, especially if you have more than a few items.

Selling Antiques Locally

Where to sell antiques has been a topic of concern for as long as antiques have been bought and sold. Many people prefer to conduct the business transaction in person.

Buyers Near Me

If you are one of them, begin by locating a place by searching online for “buyers near me,” “antique buyers near me,” or “antique dealers near me.” Then, get in touch with the buyer by calling, messaging or emailing, or dropping by in person.

Once you have made the initial contact, assess how you feel about the individual or company selling antiques. If you get a good feeling about it, proceed. If not, move on. Don’t forget that it’s a good idea to get more than one appraisal. Quotes can vary greatly.

Other Options for Selling Your Antiques

If you want to independently sell your wares, you can advertise it (or them) in the local online section online. Neighborhood groups or online yard sales in or around your location are excellent sources.

You can also have a garage or yard sale at your house or rent a spot at a local flea market. If you only have one piece or just a few, you may want to take it to a seller who has a booth at a flea market.

Selling Antiques

Selling antiques is a lucrative business for those who follow the steps to help ensure transactions are safe and profitable. Who knows, you may find you do so well you want to start your own business buying and selling antiques.

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