How to Get the Best Price for Your Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and Silver Coins

Popular myth has it that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That pot of gold coins is a short of shorthand for good fortune. Collecting coins has long been a popular hobby. If you have a coin collection you might be thinking of selling. Maybe you are downsizing. Maybe you need some cash. Maybe you inherited a rare gold and silver coin collection and you aren’t interested in hanging on to it. Whatever your reason for selling, you want to get the best possible price when selling a rare coin collection. In this article, we will explore places where you can sell them for top prices.

Rare Coin Dealers Near You

One of the best places to sell gold and silver coins fast are local coin shops. If you live in a city a simple Google search for, “rare coin dealers near me” might point you toward a number of shops. Coin collectors know that is always a good idea to cultivate a relationship with local coin dealers. You can develop a relationship with them. The develop a reputation that you can trust when selling a rare coin collection. They are experts who can give you a fair appraisal of your gold and silver coins. You can come to a deal face to face and they pay cash.

Head to a Coin Show

For rare coin dealers and gold and silver coin seller a coin show is the greatest show on Earth. Finding the best coin dealers becomes a lot easier when a huge group of them are in one place! One of the best things about coin shows is that you can get appraisals from multiple dealers fast. You can also get your coins graded. It is a lot easier to get the best price and sell gold and silver coins fast when you pick from multiple offers in one place.

Sell Gold and Silver Coins Online

There are a lot of rare coin dealers online who will buy your gold and silver coins for top prices. In fact, the often pay some of best prices. It is always good to be careful about selling a rare coin collection online but there are many reputable dealers online. Some of the more well-known and reputable dealers are Apmex, Kitco, GoldSilver, and Provident Metals. With online sales you will not get your money instantly and you have to pay to ship the coins to the dealer.

Sell Gold and Silver Coins Fast with Online Forums

There are communities online that make finding the best coin dealers easy. Websites like eBay and other auction site are great resources. You do need to be aware of fees that are associated with sites like eBay though. Other places online like Reddit, Silverstackers, and Facebook have marketplaces where selling a rare coin collection. Of course, there is one important step you have to follow before you can sell your gold and silver coins for a great price. You need to know how much they are worth. At Antique Coin Buyers we are rare coin dealers with the knowledge and skill to help you evaluate the true value of coins and get the best possible price for them. Our highly-trained professionals are here to help you. Contact us today!