Where Can I Sell My Chinese & Asian Antique items?

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Chinese antiques are intriguing. Through the years, many have become interested, and even obsessed, with collecting them. They are addicting! But, there may come a time when you are ready to sell your Asian antiques. If so, there are some things you should know, especially if you live in the state of Connecticut.

Have you inherited Chinese antiques you’d like to sell? Perhaps you’ve been collecting Asian or Chinese antiques for years and are ready to liquidate. Maybe you have run into a financial hardship and are being forced to sell your treasures. Or, you may have lost interest in your once beloved antiques and simply want to get rid of them. No matter what your particular situation is, you’ll need to decide where to sell Asian antiques to get the most profit possible.

Local Antique Dealers

Antique buyers are not all honest and reliable. Some are out to give you the least amount of money possible for your antiques. When you are selling Chinese antiques, finding Chinese antique buyers can be even more challenging.

If you live in Connecticut or will be in the Connecticut area, check for listings online of dealers in the vicinity. Find out how long the dealer has been around and be sure they have an online presence and plenty of verifiable references. Also see what credentials they hold. You can’t be too safe, even when the dealer is local to Connecticut.

Finding a local dealer will help ensure you won’t get stuck out. There are shady dealers who act as if they are experienced Chinese antique buyers, but they give you far less than your Asian antique is worth. Or, they take your item and run. That’s why it’s imperative to find a dealer and appraiser in Connecticut if you live in the state.

Verify that they are truly local and are approved by the state. The best Connecticut Asian antique buyers will come with plenty of credentials and will be recognized within the antique buying community as well.

Best Place to Sell Asian Antiques

Chinese antiques come in all shapes and sizes. Furniture, jewelry, snuff bottles, sculptures, textiles, and paintings can be classified as Asian antiques. They can range from Imperial art works to folk art pieces. Being an expert takes training and experience. The best places to sell Asian antiques will definitely depend on the Chinese antique buyers’ knowledge in the niche industry.

Do a little research yourself. Find out, if possible, some history on your Asian antiques. The origin, age, condition, and nature of the item will make a big difference in the selling price you will get for it. The more you know, the more the ball is in your court rather than vice versa.

While you can opt to go to vintage shops, you’d do best to find an appraiser who mentions that they specialize in Asian antiques on their website or has an acknowledgment of Chinese antiques somewhere in their advertising. Chinese antiques are a special field within antique buying and not just every antique dealer is qualified to give you a fair price for them because they may not adequately appraise them for lack of knowledge.

Where to sell Asian antiques is a personal choice. Whatever you do though, make sure you sell to the Chinese antique buyers that gives you the most for your treasure and who treats you with the respect you deserve.


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