Which Antiques offer the best e-value and can be sold online?

Signed Carl Kauba bronze and marble sculpture

Tiffany, Handel lamps usually comprise of small boudoir lamps & other generic mosaic lamps with artwork painted in their shades. Handel lamps are renowned & noted for their reverse painted shades. While some have metal bases, marks on their shades, or otherwise, the distinguishing feature of handel lamps is their shades which may be reverse painted with an myriad of beautiful colors and metal overlays in diverse patterns.

Buying OR Selling Antique Tiffany Lamps

Your best bet is to visit Antique Appraisers & Auctioneers, specializing in Buying or selling antique tiffany lamps or handel lamps or other quality antique & vintage lamps as they can generally offer a better price as compared to dealers who deal with all antiques and might be into scrapping antiques.

Patek Philippe, a best seller since ages…

Created by the Swiss watch-manufacturing company Patek Philippe SA, Patek Philippe watches are among the most prestigious watches worldwide. Offering a wide variety of watches for men and women alike, Patek Philippe SA is known to manufacture the most complicated mechanical portable timepieces (stopwatches, wristwatches), bringing to fore the expertise and skill of the best designers and watchmakers in the world. Listed among the world’s top five most expensive watches, Patek Philippe watches cater to the elite and is worth every penny spent.

How can a Professional Antique Auctioneer help?

Antique auctioneering defines the sale of antiques by skilled professional auctioneers by accepting bids and selling several items in an auction. Licensed professional antique auctioneers are equipped to ensure the lawful transfer of antiques to the new owners. Typically, a catalogued listing of the items for sale is made available to all attendees at the beginning of the auction. In addition to becoming a specialist in evaluating antiques, a professional antique auctioneer must be appreciative-of and knowledgeable about the antique pieces, as well as be able to examine them to evaluate their age, condition, origin and quality, confer with experts and historians, assure the authenticity and proof of ownership of each piece, as well as records of all pieces that go through them. As knowledge is paramount in the auction business and the goal is fairness to all participants, it is imperative that professional antique auctioneers do extensive research prior to the auction. Finally, before choosing an auctioneer to sell your antiques, sellers should attempt to sit in on at least two auctions conducted by the auctioneer to verify their talent.

Tiffany, Cartier Jewelry

The Tiffany and Cartier Jewelry brands are among the two most prominent brands in their own right and buyers are often confounded as to which to choose. While Tiffany has been in the market longer (over decades), it started off as a silverware manufacture before branching out to jewelry, unlike Cartier which started out as a jewelry maker. As both companies produce similar product types, buyers’ choices tend to go beyond the availability and involves their personal preferences and palette. Tiffany engagement rings are a favorite amongst both users and collectors; on the other hand, in this same setting, one may choose Cartier Jewelry as well as it offers “something different”.