Silver Markings – The True Means To Determine Price Of A Precious Antique Silver Item

Antique Silver has its own value and you will be surprised to find out that it is much more than its real value on the market. Why? The reason behind this is the antiquity behind the item, which means that its history and craftsmanship are factors that go into determining the price of the item. So, if you happen to come across a very old piece of silver, which is heavy and a bit rusted, don’t call the scrap dealer. Look into reputed antique silverware dealers and sell it to them at a very high price, much more than what you can get anywhere else.

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Silver Markings And How They Determine Antique Silver Price

One of the key points to note about antique silver items is their markings… which you will find to be very interesting as they give out the period and value of the item. Actually, it is the silver markings that determine the real value of the item, in addition to other factors like a year of making, craftsmanship, condition, etc. In fact, sterling silver markings or pure silver markings show that genuine silver is used in the item and hence its worth is very high.

Items that are made from genuine silver will have the .925 marking which indicates that the item has 97.5 percent of Silver content and the remaining is a copper alloy. The value of such antique silverware items is very high much in contrast to what is seen in German silverware items which have no silver in it at all but looks as if it has been made from real silver. However, if the item is made from German Silver even if it’s an antique piece, its value will be lower, but it will be prized for its craftsmanship and hence will fetch a good return. By learning about silver markings and their meanings, you can determine the real worth of large collections like crockery, flatware, tea sets, etc, lying about in the family estate.

Some items have silver plating on them and the plating covers the entire body of the item extensively, showing off intricate detailing work. In such cases, the item is evaluated based on the silver content based on which its price will be determined. In most cases, people do not know that an item has plating made of silver on it, but trusted antique silverware dealers will be able to find out in just minutes and will tell the price accordingly. In such situations also they will look at the marking on the plating. The sterling silver markings on silverware reveal its true silver content, which influences the amount of cash gained when the item is sold.