How to Sell Antiques: Tips from Expert “Antique Appraisers & Auctioneers”

Where to sell Antiques

An antique can address different things to different people. It might represent a piece of history that has been preserved to continue to be appreciated in the present. It might have a great deal of sentimental value and represent the family history and departed loved ones. A fine antique can be seen as a thing of artistic beauty that will enhance the décor of a room. It might be simply a valuable item that can be sold for money. Once you have decided to sell your antiques, you have to determine the value of it and find a buyer for them. That is when you might start wondering how to sell antiques and start looking for tips from antique experts.

How to Sell Antiques: Tips from Expert

Know the Value of Your Antiques

Experts will tell you that you should know the value of your antiques before selling them. That’s when it is a good idea to begin by finding antique experts who can appraise your antiques. They will consider a number of factors when determining value. These factors include the condition of the item, whether it has been restored, whether it bears a manufacturer’s mark, the provenance, how rare it is, and (perhaps above all) how much demand there is for the item among antique buyers. Once you have an expert opinion on the value of your antiques you will be in a good position to get the best price when you are selling.

Where to Sell Antiques

When you start to look around you will see that there a number of places where you can sell your antiques. Below there is an outline of the places that antique experts and antique buyers use when they are looking to buy or sell antiques.

Sell Antiques Online

One of the most obvious places that antique sellers and buyers turn to in today’s digital age is the internet. A simple search will enable you to cast a net that will capture results showing a wide range of reputable antique dealers. Depending on where you live, you may feel a little overwhelmed by how many search results you receive. You can begin to research the various stores and individual buyers who pop up in your search engine results to find someone who might be the right buyer for your family heirloom. If you do receive a lot of results it can also be helpful to narrow them down by focusing on the type of antique you are selling. Selling online also lets you connect with buyers from around the world.

Get Tips on Where to Sell from an Expert

We already discussed the importance of consulting antique experts before selling and getting an appraisal. When you have the appraisal done you can ask the expert for tips about where to sell as well. They can point you in the direction of reputable antique dealers who might be interested in your piece. They know the secrets of where to sell.

Auctions are Great Places to Sell Antiques

Auctions are obviously a great place to sell antiques. Antique experts and buyers see auctions as a great place to meet other buyers and sellers and check out an array of antiques. Attending auctions can help you make connections and get advice about selling antiques. They are often the best places to sell antiques and also the best place to meet someone who might be interested in buying your antique, even if you aren’t selling anything at the auction itself.

If the auction contains items similar to what you are selling, you can also get a clearer idea of your item’s value and how you can present it when you try to sell it. Since different antique buyers attend the auction, you will have the opportunity to talk to a number of potential buyers about your antique. They know what the market for your item is and may be able to connect you with someone who will be interested in buying it. A final tip from antique experts, antique shows can be a great place to find antique buyers for the same reasons!