Remarkable American Artworks and Their Inside Stories

American art appraisers & buyers know that American artworks often having intriguing and storied histories which can not only help sellers and buyers authenticate and set a value on the artwork, but also contribute to the character and figurative texture of American artwork. Professional antique buyers know that the best artworks often have equally interesting inside stories. Whether you are an American paintings buyer looking to know more about American artworks or you’re curious about some of the most notable American artworks released in the past 2 decades, then you will want to take a look at this curated list of 2 of the most remarkable American artworks and their inside stories.

American Gothic by Grant Wood

Is there a painting more American than “American Gothic“? This unique double portrait painting by Grant Wood is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world, yet despite its popularity, there are still many little-known facts about the painting that would surprise readers. For instance, the man and woman in the painting are not actually husband and wife: the woman is the artist’s sister and the man is the artist’s dentist, fulfilling a contract that he signed earlier in the year.

Gothic by Grant Wood

American Gothic was considered a ‘smash hit’ in the world of painting when it was first released. It was eventually acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago, where it is still housed for the public view today.

Classical oil portrait by Robert Henri

Not all American art treasures were rescued from boats or smuggled out of Europe during times of war: a classical portrait completed by American painter Robert Henri in 1907 depicts a woman in an ornate costume. The woman in question is the grandmother of the person who currently owns the painting. The painting has been kept in their family for generations, serving as a focal point at meals, holiday gatherings and much more.

The ultimate value on the painting as given by Antiques Roadshow was $250,000–300,000 when the episode aired in 2010 and this value was increased to $500,000 to $700,000 in 2016.

Classical oil portrait by Robert Henri

Considerations When Determining Value on American Artworks

If you are part of the American art appraisers & buyers collective group, then you have the benefit of having easy and close access to a wealth of resources and information that can help you uncover the history, physical characteristics and overall story of various objects.

Some considerations you will need to keep in mind when determining the value of any artwork are the presence of any cracks, split seams, water damage or other types of damage. You should also take note of the costs associated with the subject or subjects being depicted in the painting.

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